Container Surveying and Inspection

TLH provides a full spectrum inspection and survey service for shipping and cargo containers. Inspection shall be conducted by our licensed Inspectors who are certified by the Institute of International Container Leasers (IICL).

An inspection/survey should be performed in accordance to procedures and most importantly, inspectors should check for damage, wear and non-conforming repairs. Most importantly, inspectors are to look out for the cleanliness of containers to ensure there is no contamination, residue, debris or infestation that can be harmful to human health or future cargos. Inspectors must also visually inspect the top, bottom and sides of the container. Container must not have exterior dents, bulges, holes, missing bungs or caps, rust or other signs that might indicate leakage or potential leakage of contents. Container expiration/replacement date must be present on the container.

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