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TLH places emphasis on not only developing our staff to the best of their capabilities, but also on workplace safety.

Being in the container industry, our workers may have to operate heavy equipments and machineries on the field and the management fully understands that these equipments and machineries can pose a threat to the operator and people working in the same vicinity.

TLH management takes a serious stance on workplace safety and health, especially after the various incidents that occurred on construction sites. The management enforces managerial personnel to look into the Workplace Safety and Health Act and on a periodic manner, hold meetings to review the current safety measures in place.

On the ground, supervisors are sent for training courses conducted by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Academy. The workers are also educated on workplace safety and health so that both authority and employees can work together cohesively to establish a safe working environment.

In support of the government¡¯s push for Workplace Safety, TLH shall continuously send the supervisors and managerial personnel for upgrade courses to ensure that employees can work on our premises with no worries!

A Safe Working Environment, A Happy Working Environment!

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